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        YiChang Pust Auto Parts Co., Ltd.is specialized in R & D, production and sales of precision parts and components of automotive engine include hydraulic tappet,mechanical tappet,valve,valve guide, tensioner and rocker arm.Our products are not only sold to domestic cities, but also exported to a dozen countries and regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe and other regions. Product quality is among the best in the similar products,well received by consumers. Our product which has reached more than 100 kinds covers most of the domestic and foreign cars.

Hot Products

  • Valve Tappet:XS6E 6C501 AC

    XS6E 6C501 AC

  • Valve Tappet:VL112RH


  • Valve Tappet:ME200089


  • Valve Tappet:MD339767


  • Valve Tappet:MD171130


  • Valve Tappet:MD 149309

    MD 149309

  • Valve Tappet:LRG100330


  • Valve Tappet:LGR100340


  • Valve Tappet:LGR 10002

    LGR 10002

  • Valve Tappet:KL31-12-101


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